Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Bento Box Journey! - 3 Month Follow Up / Check In

Hello Moll!

So, you may remember me posting about bento boxes a couple months ago back in September. 
Today I'm here to follow up!

I'd be lying if I said I ended up doing bento EVERY day like I wanted to, but even when I wasn't specifically doing a bento box, I was still doing portion control and good ratios in my lunches.

So let's do some comparisons, shall we?
Here's a couple of pictures of me from the summer of this year;

At this time, my measurements were around:

BUST: 122cm / 48in
WAIST: 110cm / 43.3in
HIPS: 145cm / 57in

So after basically cutting my food down from I-don't-even-wanna-know-how-many-calories to 1800, then 1600, then 1500 as well as no more soda (which I would drink about 2 2-liters a day of), here are my new measurements:

BUST: 110cm / 43.3in
WAIST: 103cm / 40.5in
HIPS: 132cm / 51.9in

(I had two actual photos for this, but they didnt look too good cause I was wearing loose/puffy clothes)

So, I don't think that's bad for only three months. I can't wait to see what happens in another three months! I've also lost 50 - 60 pounds in these three months! :)
It feels really good, to be completely honest. I never ever thought I'd have it in me to cut out soda and loose weight but then, you know...Lolita came around.

I'm only like 40% ashamed to admit that the main/only reason I started being interested in loosing weight was to be able to wear Angelic Pretty.

So, tell me something that you set as a goal and managed to accomplish this year! Or even started to, starting is the hardest part after all! :)

I love you!

Don't Forget to Stay Peculiar!

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