Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mary Kay Sale!

Hey Moll!! 
During school I stepped down from my MK business to focus on projects and what not. However, I’m back and ready to kick butt again! So, from today until the end of June I will be doing a FOURTY PERCENT (40%) OFF SALE!!!! Contact me if you have anything you want to order!
Everything is fair game! :) We have WONDERFUL skincare routines for normal, oily, dry, combo, AND SENSITIVE skin! We have all kinds of wonderful high pigment eyeshadows as well as eyeliners, gel liners, our wonderful makeup remover, mascara, brushes, brush cleaner, and so much more! Our line of foundation has won an award from Oprah herself for offering so many different shades as well.
I will put in the order on June 30th and send everything out to proper locations by the 4th! PLEASE message me if you’re interested!! This is a one time thing so I’d super super appreciative! Thanks so so much! :)
*If you already have a consultant please do not order from me!!
**Due to laws and whatnot, I am only legally allowed to sell to people in the USA. If you’re on a military base for the USA Military I can still sell to you though!

<3 <3 <3

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