Saturday, March 7, 2015

Impulse Cosmetics: 'Get Lippy' Custom Lipstick Palette Review & Swatches!! (*´▽`*)

Hello Moll!!

I'm here today with yet another indie makeup company, this time focusing on some lipsticks. :)

Name of Shop:
Impulse Cosmetics

"We, at Impulse Cosmetics, strive to provide our customer's with the tools to express their personality to the fullest. 
Impulse Cosmetics in located in Northwest Pennsylvania (United States).
All of our products are made by hand, in small batches -- not mass produced in some big commercial facility. 
Though we may have exceeded our expectations for this business, we are not a big corporation.  Everything, from the manufacturing of our products to shipping your goodies out to you, is literally done by two people. 
All of our products are cruelty free! None of our products, nor the ingredients used to make them, are ever tested on animals.
Most of our products are Vegan Friendly; if something is not vegan friendly, it will be noted in the item's details. "

Ordered On:
February 26, 2015
(They were out of office from the 26th - 1st, of course lol)

March 7, 2015

Each lipstick itself is $7
A Pre-Set Palette is $19, it comes with 5 colours and equals out to about 3 full tubes of lipstick.
A custom palette is $23.
Shipping is $3 - $5 depending on how much you get!

"Get Lippy" Custom Lipstick Palette

Item Description:
ImpulseCo's GET LIPPY palette allows you to choose FIVE of your favorite Opaque Matte and/or Metaluxe Lipstick shades in one convenient palette. 
Each palette comes with a lipstick brush-- awesome for lining and all over color! 
 Each palette contains approx. 0.4 oz of product... which amounts to roughly three fullsize lipsticks. 

Colours I Ordered:
Blow, Affluent, Moon Rocks, Smoking Gun & Toystore Cowboy

'Stock' Photos:

My Photos:

With Primer
(I used Mary Kay Primer)



Moon Rocks:

Smoking Gun

Toystore Cowboy

Without Primer



Moon Rocks

Smoking Gun

Toystore Cowboy


These don't look too close to the photos on the website, but I still love all of them anyways! Part of me thinks that I should've gone with the tubes more than the palette, also I couldn't really get much product on the brush at first, I think using your finger works better. Also, I think they look better without primer! Is that weird? Am I the only one who thinks that?

I have another order on the way from them, this time for cosmetic glitters. I think in the future I'll order from the tubes and compare them haha!

Thank you for reading! And don't forget to Stay Peculiar!!

All the products I reviewed today were bought with my own money! My review is 100% Honest and Authentic!! Thank you! <3

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