Friday, February 20, 2015

☼☼ For Personal Reference; Lipstick Wish List ☼☼

Hello Moll!!
Feel free to ignore this, I just needed a place to put my list of things I'd love to get to do swatches/reviews for. 
However, If you're into LimeCrime and totally not into the bad business practices, feel free to check out some of these sites as well, they have a few dupes it looks like!! I won't say anything for sure though since I haven't actually seen the products. :)

LimeCrime: (Website is down due to hacker breach >>;;; )

Unicorn Lipsticks: ($18)
Serpentina (Green)
Cosmopop (Pastel Orange)
New Yolk City (Yellow)
D'Lilac (Purple)
Mint to Be (Mint)
Airborne Unicorn (Purple)

Velvetines: ($20)
Cashmere (Beige/Grey)
Wicked (Red)
Salem (Brown)
Riot (Red/Beige)

Colour Pop's lip products all have a lippie stick and a lip pencil, the lip pencils are either the same shade or a colour that goes well with the lipsticks. These products are only $5 and they have some awesome eyeshadows as well!

Cruelty Free!

Lippie Sticks:
Tipsy (Peach)
Easy (Pink)
Fetch (Pink)
Punky (Pink)
Chi Chi (Orange)
Frenchie (Red)
Bossy (Red)
Bichette (Red)
Ellarie (Red/Brown)
Flawless (Purple)
Leather (Purple)
Brills (Purple)
Grind (Purple)
Raw (Blue) 
Charm (Green)
Bunny (Green)
Wet (Gold)
Dalia (Brown)
Creature (Brown)
Bull Chic (Black)

Bull Chic Pencil
Raw Pencil

Cruelty Free!!

Matte Lip Paint: ($16)
Mars (Red/Beige)
Marshmellow (Grey/Beige)
Raine Fever (Purple)
Truffle Raine (Brown)

Lipstick: ($15)
Bajan Princess (Pink)
Betty Blue (Blue)
Beverly Hills Muse (Yellow)
Black Dahlia (Black)
Black Dahlia Matte (Black)
Confection (Pink)
Diva (Teal)
Dragenista (Blue)
Dramatica (Blue)
Emerald Raine (Green)
Lady Boy (Blue/Green)
Monroe (Pink)
Plum Fairy (Purple)
Plum Fairy Matte (Purple)
Raunchy (Green)
Rebirth (Gold/Beige)
Valley Girl (Mint)
X-Posé (Purple)

Cruelty Free!

Smitten Liptint Mousse: ($12)
Charmed (Beige)
Nagini (Green)
Sirius (Blue)
Bellatrix (Purple)
Raven's Claw (Fuchsia)

There are just SO MANY colours here, and they're super affordable! I can't wait to get my hands on some :) Hoping that the cheapness doesn't make them work any less *crosses fingers* They also have cosmetic glitter that I'm dying to try!
Cruely Free!

Metaluxe Lipsticks: ($7)
Tough Love (Metallic Red)
Feisty (Metallic Pink)
Debutante (Metallic Pink)
PumpKING (Metallic Orange)
Affulent (Metallic Yellow)
Boggart (Metallic Green)
Toy Store Cowboy (Metallic Blue/Green)
Asphyxiate (Metallic Blue)
Priss (Metallic Blue/White)
Forget Me Not (Metallic Purple)
Chatter Box (Metallic Purple/White)
Clever (Metallic Pink)
Infinity (Metallic Metal)

Matte Lipsticks: ($7)
Metro (Pink)
Platonic (Nude/Pink)
Sweet Nothings (Brown)
Manic (Orange)
Circus (Mint)
Melancholy (Purple)
Smoking Gun (Blue)
Space Cadet (Purple)
Witches Brew (Green)
Laughing Gas (Nude)
Lobotomy (Green)
Ever After (Pink)
Cliff Hanger (Orange/Brown)
Blow (White)
Bon Bon (Grey)
Key Lime (Green)
Tart (Blue/White)
Praline (Yellow/White)
Maui Wowie (Green)
Daffodil (Yellow)

Lipstick Palettes: ($19)
This is what I will probably end up getting first, it's cheaper and it comes with many colours I can test! It's in a palette and comes with a lip brush to apply it.

Sugar & Spice (Metallics - Frosty/White)
Metaluxe (Metallics - Rainbow)
Pastels (,,,,Pastels haha!)

Make sure to read the website descriptions! These don't seem as good as other makeup companies from those and from some swatches I've seen, but I'd want to try it out regardless because I can't seem to find many swatches.

Matte Liquid Lipsticks: ($14)
Dusk (Light Grey)
Tyranny (Purple)
Dainty (Peach/Pink)

Matt Liquid Lipsticks: ($12)
Ablaze (Orange)
Delicious (Purple)
Desire (Purple)
Dublin (Green)
Sinister (Blue)

Fierce Magenta:
Metallic Lipglosses: ($10)
AstroLilac (Silver/Purple)
AstroPink (Silver/Pink)
Galactia (Navy Blue)
Romance (Pink/Gold)
Golden Peach (Gold/Pink)
Cleopatra's Pride (Gold)

I hope this helps anyone looking for other companies to support, or something like that hahaha!!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to Stay Peculiar!

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