Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Coloured Lipsticks / Liquid-Matte: LimeCrime Dupes!

Hello Moll!!

I know I posted about this the other day with my wishlist, but I'm here today to instead make a list of all possible dupes! (Mostly for just the weird colours though!) And you won't have to sit though looking at what I want! Haha :) Hopefully in the future, I'll be able to compare a bit of these. But until then, here's this list! :)

*These are not official dupes!! These are my thoughts based on what the product images look like!*
**They all have more colours than what I am listing!!**

Dupe Colour - Lime Crime Colour

*UPDATED - July 3rd 2015*

$5 Each
Lipsticks (& Pencils)

Pony - Great Pink Planet
Fetch - Geradium
Scandy - Countessa Flourescent
Frenchie - Retrofuturist
Bossy - Glamour101
Tipsy - Cosmopop
Chichi - My Beautiful Rocket
Charm - Mint To Be
Bunny - Serpentina
Brills - D'Lilac
Grind / Leather - Poisonberry
Bullchic - Stiletto

Tootsi - Cashmere

$6 Each
Ultra Matte Lips

Bumble - Riot
Koala - Rave
Mars - Pink Velvet
Zipper - Pansy
Sundae - Utopia
Avenue - Wicked
Limbo - Salem
Pacific - Suedeberry
Trap - Cashmere

$18 Each

Redrum - Red Velvet
I'm Royalty - Pansy
Unicorn Blood - Wicked
Weirdo - Black Velvet

$15 Each

Bajan Princess - Geradium
Intimidate - Centrafuschia
Malibu Barbie - Coquette
Mary Jane - Great Pink Planet
Candy Girl - My Beautiful Rocket
Beverly Hills Muse - New Yolk City
Raunchy - Serpentina
Valley Girl - Mint To Be
Betty Blue - No She Didn't
Lavender Raine - D'Lilac
VVS Lipsynch - Chinchilla
Black Dahlia - Stiletto

$16 Each

Mars - Riot
Suite Raine - Pansy
Berri Raine - Utopia
Marshmallow - Cashmere

$12 Each

*No specific dupes, but they have Green, Purple, and Blue liquid-mattes!*

$7 Each

Metro - Great Pink Planet
Bombshell - Centrafuschia
Enigma - Coquette
Tango - Retrofuturist
Arcadia - Glamour101
Moon Rocks - Cosmopop
Electric City - My Beautiful Rocket
Daffodil - New Yolk City
Agent X - Serpentina
Clinch - No She Didn't
Space Cadet - D'lilac
Melancholy - Poisonberry

*They also have tons of pastels and metallics!*

$13.95 each

Sassy - Pink Velvet
Sweet Hearts - Suedeberry
Bite Me - Red Velvet
Blackened Heart - Wicked
Talk Dirty Too - Salem

$8.95 each
Gel Eyeliner
(I know limecrime has liquid liner, but i thought this should have a s/o too!)

Snow Owl - Lunar Sea

$12.50 each

Vixen - Wicked
Kitten - Cashmere
Interstellar - Black Velvet

Posh 21 Cosmetics:
$15 Each

Chatter Box - Pink Velvet
Made In New York - Red Velvet
Black Mail - Black Velvet

$14.99 each

P.Y.T. - Countessa Fluorescent
Posh Doll - Geradium
Partition - Retrofuturist
Cabs & Cosmos - New Yolk City
Power Trip - Serpentina
Mint Memoir - Mint To Be
Million Dollar Baby - No She Didn't
Speechless - Poisonberry
Bats, Bricks, Bullwhips - Stiletto

If you have any other websites let me know in the comments below and I'll add them!
Thanks for reading, I hope it helped!!
Don't forget to stay peculiar!!

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